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Date: June 13th 1917
Mr. Irwin
Louis Norris

France June the 13/1917

Dear Mr. Irwin

Many thanks for your kindly welcome letter receved this morning written on Apr the 27th I am surprised to hear that Karl is on his way for Overseas I don’t think he will be in England very long, he will likely come to France very soon.

I am going to write a letter to him right now that is to England & ask him to what Battalion he is going to in France so I can locate him out here when he comes out

I only wish he could come out to our Battalion then we would be together & I would help him as much as I could Regarding to the Place you are asking me or I was there? yes I was I, am still there. The weather is very good in France at present. I was out for 6 days rest & going in the line to night

Yes I forgot I, am going on leave sometime in August as the are giving the boys a privilege to go to Paris but I think I’ll go to Blighty (England) really it would not make any deference to me or I go to England or France as I got no relations in either other of thhe countries but I think I’ll get to England just to be away from France for a little while (what a releve) to sleep in a good bed & eat a good meal once in a while

I collect quite a few suvenirs I got a German helmet rather & ring with Iron cross on it it is a dandy you know & also quite a bit of German money which I took away from a Hun which I wounded him & then took prisoner in a big scrap we had sometimes ago. I wounded him in two places you know I shot once from a 32 German automatic revolver which I captured on a little raid we had & got him in his right arm & you know it seems not toefect him at all & he was still coming at me so I used a mills bomb grenade & threw at him & got him in his leg shoulder he fell down and start to cry comarad mercy comarad. The first thing he threw an me was his water & then I took the other articuls out myself, some of the Huns are fighting so long till you are near them & then they’ll hold up there hands rather one hand & throw a bomb at you with the other hand but we are wise to all those jokes of his.

Well I guess that is about all Ive got to say for just now I think I’ll close hoping to hear from you soon again

I am yours very



P. S.

Please remember me to all

Best wishes for all at home

& yourself

L. N.  

Original Scans

Original Scans

Norris, Louis. June 13, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. June 13, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. June 13, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. June 13, 1917. Letter.