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Date: October 9th 1917
Mr. Irwin
Louis Norris

France 9/10/17

Dear Mr. Irwin

Many thanks for your most welcome letter written on Sept. 3 receved a few days ago, very sorry I did not write the same day as I was on 14 days leave to PARIS.

I enjoyed myself very much indeed, was very sorry to go back to the trenches but I thought we have to finish this war sometimes.

Regarding Arthur Searight when I heard that he was killed I near took a fit you know I could never believe it in the way I found out was one day my unit came out for a rest, and I heard that the 21st was out and thought I’ll go and see Art when I arrived there inquiring for him, some of the Sergants told me the news so you can imagine Mr. Irwin how I felt for a moment I was really mixed up that it gave me a headache I can tell you that I was engaged in the same fight as he was when he got killed. I, am awarded the military medal and ten days leave

I, am sending you the congratulation letter which I received from the General Would it be possible to frame it up and keep it for me please - thank you.

I, am getting mail from Karl very regularly and certainly hope to see him when he’ll come over to france.

The weather out here is not very good at present raining only every day.

Well I think that is about all I’ve got to say for just now hoping to hear from you again soon. I remain

Yours Sincerely



With best regards for all at home

Will forward you one of the photo’s which I took in Paris whith a friend of mine rom the same unit I expect them to come any day now.


Original Scans

Original Scans

Norris, Louis. October 9, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. October 9, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. October 9, 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. October 9, 1917. Letter.