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Date: April 8th 1914

9 Aynsly Court.

Winnipeg Man

April 8th/14.


My dear Win

I am sorry I have not answered your very kind letter before this, I suppose you will think all manner of things about me; I must admit I do deserve to be well chastised. Last Sunday I wrote a letter to you but did not post it.  This is the end of the month at the office and you can imagine how busy I am, I was ten cents out in my balance, and last night I went back and found it. Today is a miserable cold day. Spring seems to be a very timid lady this year. I suppose that Mr Winter is prooving too boisterous for her. How are the music lessons, If you are in need of any help any time I shall be only too pleased to do the best I can for you. I hope you can play good music please don’t learn ragtime I am not very fond of it. How is dear Mother? I often wonder how she looks. I know she was not very happy in this place but now that you are all together again I have reasons to hope that she is once more happy. Please excuse this awful scribble Win I have only a short time in which to write this letter but I intend to finish it and to post it too. I suppose Tod has forgotten all about me again, I remember when I came out to Canada she did not know me and was very shy; poor Tod give her a good kiss and hug from me. When you write you might tell me some of the things about home. I know you want to surprise me when I come out to see you all, but I would like to know some of the news about home I suppose I am very impatient but you know that is another of my bad habits. Somebody told me that Percy is spending his spare time improoving his writing, spelling and arithmetic I am awfully glad to hear this as I always knew Percy could do these things if he would only try. I was afraid Percy was going to be the dunce of the family, it now looks as if he were going to beat us all and be the scholar. Good luck to him. I am enclosing some snapshots for you. Some of them were taken at Detroit before you left. I will send some more for you when I can get them taken.

Please send me some good ones of you all when you get the chance Well Win I must close, I would liked to have said more but my time is up.

So write me a nice jolly newsy letter, that’s a good girl. I will try and write again soon meanwhile I must answer Berts postcard letter. Give my best love to all and help yourself and give Mother a hug and kiss from her son and your affectionate brother. Edgar

xxxxxxx Mother

Xxxxxxx Tod

Xxxxxxx and you

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