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Date: December 19th 1914

Reg Number 14369.

G Company.

6th Fort Garry’s

2nd Brigade

Salisbury Plains       


Dec 19th.

Dear Win.

I have just received mother’s letter and you cannot realize how happy I feel.

It was my intention to sit down at once and write her, then I remembered your last epistle to me had not been answered, so I shall write you first.

You will be surprised to learn that we have moved from our tents into huts: they are situated about five miles from our canvas encampment and I must say they are very much more comfortable, although I have grown so accustomed to sleeping outdoors, that I prefer the outside to the inside. We were served out with an extra pair of boots “black”- and being a trifle heavier than any other boot I have ever worn, my right ankle persisted in swelling up, consequently this morning I found it impossible to get it into the boot. So I had no alternative but to “parade sick” It does seem rather silly to be sick for such a small thing, but you see if you don’t parade sick you have to go on the usual parades and fatigues, I could not of course go on parade so like a hero I went sick, it may be worthy of note to know that this is my first appearance before the doctor since I enlisted - some record or what! Our huts are about fifty feet long and twenty feet wide and there are about thirty of us to each hut- we hang our hats on pegs and sleep on the floor- there are four tables and seats, we have been served out with plates and bowls- real mug, and as each man has a knife, fork and spoons- we play hide and seek with the plates - lose our weapons, and drink our tea out of the soup bowls so you see we are once more on the road to civilization. I would much prefer, however to be on the road to the front for after that Germ-hun raid the other day my love for the willies has so much increased that I would like them to visit me at Salisbury Plains. I would give them fatigue for a week and then take them to the ranges and tie them up. I would then introduce them to my friend “Ross” who I am sure would send them to where they belong in a very few minutes. I am sometimes doubtful if we will ever see the front, it seems to me that we are continually being changed around.  You will notice that we are now G Company and the latest I hear is to the effect that we are to be transferred to Cavalry again and become the base of some Cavalry regiment. Well Win dear girl I must stop this rambling scribble as I want to try and write mother. Try and be a good girl and write me as soon as you can; with lots of love. I am always your loving brother Edgar.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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