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Date: September 23rd 1915

No 14639

First Can Div Sply ‘ Column

Mechanical Transport

First C.E.F.



Sept 23/1915.

My dear Win. 

I am sorry that my letter to Mother has caused you so much pain, it was a clear misunderstanding in my part and I am very very sorry for it, you can rest assured I have not mentioned anything of it to Mr Coate, whatever made you think I would do such a thing I cannot, say, as my letter to Mother states that I did not consider it my business to interfere, my letter was intended to be quite friendly. Whatever you do at home is none of my business, but of course being your brother, I cannot help but have a slight regard for the welfare of both you and Tod.

I am going on leave next week and although I would very much like to, I am afraid, “owing to previous arrangements, as explained in my letter to Mother” that I will not be able to visit your friends. Now please do not run away with the idea that I object to call on them, for it is only for the simple reason that I “cannot.” I shall however write to Mr Coate at the first opportunity as I promised, in my letter to Mother. I feel awfully proud of Tod for winning that gold medal, she must be quite a musician by this time. Has Bert joined up yet, of course I do not want to disuade him, but I think that somebody should stay at home and look after Mother. I am still plugging away here, about the same as usual, now that my leave is coming off so soon I do not intend to make any change until after it is over. I did intend calling on the Hallams when I went over this time, but both boys have now got commissions and although I have written to them several times since they have been posted, my letters so far have not been answered. If I do find time before I leave I may call on them for a few moments to say good bye, for they were so kind to me when I was there that I can hardly forget their kindness. Well Win dear girl I must say good bye for the time being. There is some kind of a [?] going on not far from here and the clattering of the guns is something deafening. Hoping you have forgiven me by this time and with best love to yourself and all. I remain

Your loving brother


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