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Date: November 12th 1915

No 14639

First Can Divisional Sply Column

Mechanical Transport

First C.E.F.



Nov 12th 1915.

My dear Win.

Your very welcome letter arrived a few days ago. I would have answered it before now if I had not been so very busy. You may remember me mentioning in one of my previous letters home, about being on special duty, well I have been on the same kind of work again. It is sometimes a little more exciting than our usual routine of work, which by the way, we have to do also; in consequence our hours are rather long starting out at six thirty in the morning we often do not get back again until seven or eight oclock in the evening and sometimes even later than this, but I do not mind the work at all. For as I say it is a bit different, we are nearly always close behind the trenches. People would hardly believe we could get so close, I have been into the trenches once or twice in order to find the officer we were to deliver our load to. The other day the engine of our truck developed a tired feeling, we did what we could for it and at first it seemed to recover but the very next day it had a relapse and while we were meandering along at a very slow pace it quite suddenly died I expect we shall have a new engine put in. The weather lately has been dreadful, rain, rain and more rain, there seems to be no limit to the wet in this country. I certainly do feel sorry for the poor chaps in the trenches, they are up to their knees in water in some places. Thank you very much for your pictures which you so kindly enclosed in your letter. I have now quite a collection and am never tired of looking them over. You ask me what you should put in the parcel that Mother is preparing for me – socks are always welcome so are one or two hankerchiefs (plain) We are well provided for as far as clothes and underwear are concerns. If you still have room to spare please put in anything that will be usefull. I have three batchelor repair kits, things I cannot use only take up room in my bag and sometimes I have to get rid of them.

Well Win good bye for the present. I will write again as soon as I possibly can. Please remember me to all at home and with best love for yourself I remain, As ever, Your brother


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