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Date: February 18th 1916
Uncle Cyril

No 14639

First Divisional Supply Column

Mechanical Transport

First C.E.F.



February 18th/1916.

My dear Uncle Cyril.

I hope you will not object to this short note in pencil, but I have been trying for a long time to write you and let you know how much I appreciated the Xmas hamper from home. It was certainly very kind of all of you to think of me in this way, I wrote a letter to each one and placed them all in a Green Envelope. They should have received them before now. I had a letter from Winnie a few days ago and she tells me that mother has not been too well of late. I am afraid it is because I have been so neglectful in not writing home. I shall certainly try and write a little oftener. How are things going at the Coast! I hear the weather has been anything but pleasant and that there is an epidemic of La grippe. Rather cheerful I should say. however there is one consolation for you, it is not the only place on this little globe, that is cheerful, there are others! Well Uncle Cyril I am afraid I must close down for the present. “Lights out,” is an hour earlier tonight. I expect “Fritz” has got something to do with it, however the order has got to be obeyed. Hope you do not mind this being so short. I shall endeavor to find a little extra spare time and give you a little more real news: there are some things I wanted to talk to you about but I am afraid I must let them go for a short time, With best wishes and kindest regards to yourself and everyone I remain,

Yours affectionately


March 13th 1916.

Say Uncle Cyril I must admit I am a regular thickhead; this note has been lying in my pocket for a few weeks_ forgotten_ I shall write again in a day or two_ Edgar.

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