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Date: October 29th 1940

Same address

Oct. 29, 1940.

Dear Betts: -

I received a letter from you before I left Toronto but as you probably heard from Mom, I haven't a heck of a lot of time for writing letters. But when I received your second letter the day before yesterday I decided that maybe I had better write you before they started to pile up on me.

Letter Of Oct:1: So you stood Tom up & went to the Plaza Deltons dance with Grimes eh! fine thing – shame on you. As for winning that money – I lost about the same amount coming from Toronto to Yarmouth – so I ended up square – we don't play down here – just when we are on the train & there isn't anything to do.

I know I didn't tell you about Joe getting married I was supposed to keep it a secret.

Did you see Norm Taylor or Ted Graham when they were in Edmonton over the week end. I heard from Norm & I answered him yesterday – they are stationed in Calgary now – pretty nice eh!

Most of this was in your first letter & you probably have forgotten all about it but I thought I would answer it anyway

Last letter: - I knew Norm was president of the Union because Pat wrote & told me, all about Norm being in the Picture with you and also that he was the President of the Union & also the Vic Hi-Y.

I'm glad to hear that you were good enough to get in the drama club & also be sports rep on the Union And all those other nice jobs at school – But remember what I told you Kid don't bite off more than you can chew – I know because I did and I was sorry for it after.

You didn't have to tell me Doreen was faithful to me Betts – I knew before I left town that she would be good while I was away. And she isn't crazy at all – wow! what a gal!

So Tom still has everything his own way eh! he's the one & only one – I bet! If I know you squirt other guys still want to carry your books home from school for you.

I knew that they would start Junior Rugby in town this year – I just had a hunch and I wanted to play too – damn it anyway I never get the breaks.

If you want to do something for me you can send me any pictures of the games that appear in the papers. Also mail me my copies of that aeroplane magazine that Mother bought for me before I left town. I have already asked her to send me my electric razor because I can use it here & also when I go to I.T.S.

Say hello to all the kids for me eh Betts – Phyl Sutton, Marg & also Tom. Say hello to Ruth Sutton & her gang for me to eh – I told her I would see her before I left town but I never got around to it somehow. You can tell Phyl that I don't have to be careful about what I write to Doreen because nobody else sees my letters but herself.

Tell Mom to tell Bruce that I got a package of cigarettes yesterday and tell him thanks a lot – I also heard from Ernie Nik today – I'll answer his letter tomorrow.

By the way who was the swell writer who put my address on the letter – I know darn well it wasn't you because you'll never be able to write like that if you live to be a hundred.

Write again soon sis.

Lots of Love


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Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. Letter. October 29 1940 William Daniel Boon. Letter. October 29 1940 William Daniel Boon. Letter. October 29 1940 William Daniel Boon. Envelope. October 29 1940 William Daniel Boon. Envelope. October 29 1940