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Date: November 2nd 1940
Squirt (Betty)

Same address.

Nov. 2, 1940.

Dear Squirt: -

The weather here? oh yes – the weather – Well I don't know. When I wrote Doreen & Mom about an hour ago it didn't look too bad but it is clouding up a little now. The past few days have been pretty nice though.

Nope don't hear McCarthy any more – haven't got time to even hear the news or read the newspapers. Just heard a couple of days ago that the Empress of Britain was sunk & I didn't know for 2 days after Greece was at war that there was a war on down there – as you can see by my timetable of guard duty that I haven't a heck of a lot of time to myself.

Better get used to calling Doreen sis – Squirt – because someday I hope you be calling her that. How do like them apples.

Don't you start getting tangled up in too much sport on top of all those other jobs you have or you know what will happen.

Say hello to Mr. Mac for me and tell him to write me.

Write again soon.



Original Scans

Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. Letter. November 02 1940