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Date: December 7th 1940
Squirt (Betty)

Same Place

Sat. Dec. 7, 1940.

Dear Squirt: -

Received your letter with Mom's the other day and I'm very glad to hear that you bought such nice gloves with the money I sent you. I'm glad you joined Glenora, tell Mom I'll pay for half of it – as your Xmas present.

Don't spend too much time on that darn play now sis and let your school work go to pot – cause it isn't worth it. The play is over tonight I guess, & I hope that it was a real success – send me a program in your next letter.

Speaking of the quarantine – if there are no more case – it will be lifted tomorrow night – so we are all hoping. Say don't you know how to spell yet – you spelled quarantined like this - “quartineed” - say what do you go to school for – anyway?

So far we haven't heard anything about leaving here but when the quarantine is lifted we should leave by Dec 15th or we'll be here until long after New Year's.

Glad to hear Mr. Mac is ribbing you about your latest boy friend – I guess he must like him. Say hello to Phyll & Ruth Sutton for me eh? also your new boy friend.

Send me the newspaper write-up about the Plaza Delton dance eh and tell me about it who went etc.

The kids sure are getting cute aren't they give my regards to the rest of the Magee family for me Bett.

Hope you pass all your Xmas exams & in case you haven't started to study yet – better hit the books kid.

Loads of Love Squirt.


PS: - 1 write soon

2 Here are the snaps – they sure are swell.


Original Scans

Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. December 7, 1940. Letter. William Daniel Boon. December 7, 1940. Letter.