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Date: January 28th 1943

Sgt. Boon W. D.

Can. R.61125

A9689 R.A.F.

c/o A.P.O. 4330.


Dear Betty, -

Received your letter No. 37, the other day – I have some others of yours to answer yet – but they are still in England, so don't expect to have them answered for a while.

So the last time you heard from me I had done 15 trips – that's quite a while back, by the time you get this letter I'll have at least 3 times that number – under the belt.

I was sorry to hear about Fred Davies – he was a pretty good kid – but then that' the way it goes.

I'm still with the same crew & the same outfit – but use the address at the top, as its the official one.

Tell Wilf not to worry about about what he's doing – by the time he was trained again in England – the darned war should be over. I hope to be home by Xmas – I hope-a-hope!!

Well N. Africa hasn't changed since the last time I wrote home – so there isn't a great deal to write about.

The weather is like lovely Alberta summer – bags of sunshine – clear blue skies & not much wind. The oranges and other fruits are as plentiful as ever – so life is just grand.


Hello Sis. - Sorry I didn't finish this letter the other day – but then you know me. I've had a couple more letters & some Xmas cards today – so the postman hasn't forgotten me.

So Tommy Magee is in England now – and you were his “last leave gal” eh? - mm – sounds bad.

Just heard from Pat that Johnny is now a Squadron Leader – boy he sure is travelling in the right direction. And here is “Joe me” still a Sgt. & half way through my second tour. Guess I should have been a fighter pilot too.

Received some pictures of Norm in his uniform today – he sure looks good. His brass & trousers sure make mine look sick. If he does get in & starts training tell him to get down to some good hard work at the start & it will save him a lot of trouble later.

Well this will be all for now. Look after Mom & don't let her worry too much. Give my regards to Mr. Mac.

Loads of Love




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Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. January 28, 1943. Letter. William Daniel Boon. January 28, 1943. Letter. William Daniel Boon. January 28, 1943. Letter.