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Date: October 13th 1944
Ma, Pa, and Ruth

Oct. 13, 1944,

A.R. Bergquist, V86536,

ALSHPT. 4/c,

H.M.C.S. Shelburne,

Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Dear Ma, Pa and Ruth.


I received your letter today. I also received one from Art. The weather has been quite fine here today. This week seems to have gone fast. Art said in his letter that he wrote to this Davidson fellow that he went on the train with. It is a good thing Art is at Midlands and not up at the island. I havent been downtown here this week. I have only been downtown once since I came here. It isnt so bad with five different shows here each week. There is no show here tonight but there is one tomorrow and also on suneday. I haven’t seen either of them so I think I will see them both.

Are there many leaves on the tree this year? How is the house they are building on the corner coming on? Is the one on the corner of Howell and nanaimo finished yet? I am O.K. I hope Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all O.K. Well that is all for now. I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,


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Original Scans