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Date: August 9th 1944
Ma, Pa, and Ruth
Rubert Bergquist

Aug. 9, 1944,

A.R Bergquist, V86536,
H.M.C.S. Stadacona I, c/o Fleet Mail Office,
Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dear Ma, Pa, and Ruth.

I received your letter today and also the papers. I also received a letter from Art. I sent him a postal money order for five dollars in one of the letters for his birthday. It has been fine and warm here today. I guess little Fluffy is getting pretty big now alright. I went to the show here at Stadacona I. tonight. It wasn’t so good.  It was one of those Dr. Gillespie pictures. We are down at the shipyards “H.M.C.S. Scotia. We have been putting in a few new planks and a few other jobs. I guess it is pretty hot in vancouver these days alright. According to art’s letter it has been pretty hot at midlands lately. That house at nanaimo and howell st sure must be going slow if they haven’t started plastering yet. I hope Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all O.K. I am O.K. Well that is all for today. I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,


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