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Date: September 28th 1944
Ma, Pa, Ruth and Art

Sept. 28, 1944,

A.R. Bergquist, V86536,
A/ SHPT 4/c,
H.M.C.S. Shelburne,
Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Dear Ma, Pa, Ruth and Art.

I received your letter O.K. today. I also received the newspapers. The weather has been fine here today. I hope your leg is getting O.K. Pa. I went to the show here tonight at Shelburne. It was a pretty good picture. It was called “In Old Oklohoma.” They only charge ten cents the same as at Stadacona. They have a different picture three times a week. I hope you received the money order I sent in yesterdays letter O.K. Have you written to those two fellows yet Art? I haven’t been downtown this week. The downtown also changes three times a week. I think I will go to the show downtown saturday evening. They charge thirty cents. How is the weather in vancouver these days? I guess the summer weather will soon be over here. We are off this saturday afternoon and all day sunday. I am O.K. I hope Ma, Pa, Ruth and Art that you are all O.K. Well I guess that is about all for today, I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,



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Original Scans