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Mr. Irwin
Thomas Arthur Searight

12 Platoon C. Coy.
1st Canadians

Dear Mr Irwin,-

It is some time ago since I received your long letter which I enjoyed very much, and while I have not written, I often think of Norwood friends, and try to picture myself back among them again, but that pleasure I feel, will not be far distant.

We are some distance back of this line now on the rest camp. but why it is called rest camp, I have yet to find out, for we are drilling every day, and use Sunday for payday. There is one thing though, it gives a fellow, who is inclined to be nervous a chance to pull him self together.  For you cannot hear this griping in barbwire, in the miserable fishtails.

We have some splendid billets here now. Fine of us comprising the m/g section the platoon are in a private house with a French couple. The lady does all in her power to make us comfortable, such as insisting upon us sitting down to her table at meal time. - keeping good fire on, - giving hot coffee when we come in etc.

They have a little girl here to which a have become very much attached – nothing serious though only 6 or 7 yrs of age. As soon as I open the door she yells “He’s Shewight” and she is not satisfied until she is settled on my knee.

We seldom have any church services now I believe the last I attended was about a month ago but I am trying to live properly and cannot say that is the easiest thing possible, but am not trusting in my own strength.

About a week ago, I went to a near by town to see Rorabeck, Watson, and King. They look real well and are none the worse for their time here.

Am in good shape outside of a bad cold but as we all have that we don’t mind it.

Kind regards to all.

Your Soldier Friend


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