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Date: October 12th 1916
Mr. Irwin
Arthur Searight

Reply to “A” Company 39th Batt. C.E.G. Regt.

West Sandling
J. Wan Office

Dear Mr Irwin,-

Since posting you a letter I have received two from you and can assure you it as a source of great joy to hear from old friends.

You surely had some time with the scouts at the lake and that is one place I would like to be for a good wild time but guess I shall have that pretty soon now.

I am now in the 39th Batt. just about four miles from my old camp. The 93rd has ceased to exist and all N.C.O’s reduced to privates so from now on keep my former title in your hat.

That surely is too bad about George & Mike’s relations but in these times one has to be prepared for all kinds of sad news.

About a week from this Sunday I asked to go in a draft and can assure you, I am very anxious to get across. We are well treated here but it is too monotonous. We have disposed of Old Sam’s “Ross” rifle and are using short Lee Enfield. Also threw off Oliver equipment and using Webb which is great for carrying cartridge & pack.

We are all going on pass in a few days. At present I don’t know whether it is weekend or 6 days, I am going to the little village London. Talk of bad holes, Mr. Irwin, but there are places there, that would send a man in Hell in a way short time if it were not for good home bringing up. I am sorry to say a great many boys are falling daily but thank God not all.

Last Sunday, I did not get a chance in see a church service for we had to march is Hythe for musketry. They apparently are first facing us for the front when they [?] out Sunday. I made some very good shots.  For example at 300 yards the little man would come up for 4 seconds and I shot it four times out of five.

Jack Bathwell got marksman.

Am real well and hope you are same and that colds are better.

Love from

Your tough seed Art.

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Original Scans

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