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Date: September 20th 1915

Sept 20th 1915


Just a line to let you know that I am all right & well, I have been disappointed lately in not getting a letter from you, I have not heard from you since we were in the trenches last time, except for a Vernon News, nor have I received the parcel yet with the Razor Blades in it, but I have no doubt that I will get them all right. We have just moved to another part of the line & I dont like it so much as where we were, but of course when it comes to that one place is as bad as another & there is none of them very nice, the weather has been pretty good lately, but the nights are very cold, we slept out in the open last night & this morning my coat & blanket were soaking with the dew & I was pretty near froze, of course we have to expect cold at this time of the year. The B.C.H. are round here somewhere now, but I have not run across any of them yet, I wonder how they will like it now that they are here, they were very anxious to get here & I’ll bet they will be more anxious to get back again. Did you ever get the badges I sent you? you never said in any of your letters that you did. We had a couple of dandy concerts in our last billets & I enjoyed them very much, it is wonderful how a little music cheers one up, it seems to put a new heart into a fellow, on Sunday we had a church service by the Rev Mr Pringle, I believe he is a brother of the Pringle who used to preach in Vernon, he is a fine fellow & gave us a good heart to heart talk, he talked about remembrances & home, he made me feel very homesick when he was talking about those dear ones we had left behind & I had great difficulty keeping the lump out of my throat & the tear from my eye, my heart was sore, but no matter how much one longs for home & kin, we have to fight it down & do our duty while we are here, dear heart, I am going to close now as they will be collecting the mail in a few minute & I have to get ready for a parade. Give my darlings a great big love from their daddy & with all my love to you & lots of kisses, my darling wife, I remain

Your loving Husband.






Excuse this scribble this time, dear, I am feeling a little down in the mouth to-day, perhaps it is because I have not heard from you lately, but I know that I will get a letter soon, I hope you & the children are all keeping well, dont worry about me, dear, I am all right & I am taking good care of myself. Remember me to all my friends, I often think of them.


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