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Date: October 18th 1861

Fergus Dispensing
Oct 18th 1861

My dear Mamma

I now sit down to write you and acknowledge the receipt of your last which reached me the day before yesterday. I am afraid that I have not much to say that would be interesting to you as there is not much that is going on in Fergus that a person could write about. I mean not much news. There are no amusements of an evening that often the store is shut the most I can do is take a walk and go to bed. Still I feel in want of a little pocket money and do not like to ask Mr. Strathmore for any at present. The rest of the clerks all have a little money and I would like to have some even though I did not spend it. So if you would tell Papa perhaps he would send me a couple of dollars by your next letter. In your last you ask me how I like Mr. & Mrs. Strathmore. I like them very well. Mr. S is very kind to me. I must tell you that I met with an accident about a week ago in carrying in some goods. I ran a splinter from a barrel through a piece of my hand, the splinter being a large one and wedge shaped [?] the piece almost out. It was in the evening and I went at once to the Doctor. He put a poultice on it and advised me to keep poulticing it until the piece came off and then to put some salve on the place until it healed up. I have done so and the piece is nearly off but it is all raw underneath and very sore. It is right below the little finger and [?] from the muscle of the hand a very ugly looking [?] indeed but it is looking better now and will be well I hope in a week or two. One good thing in it is my left hand so that I can work pretty well . I had a letter from Willie Ambridge a few days ago. He says he had a little ride on Tessie and she pitched him off of the finish time. How does she go in the streets. Does Rhoda ever try to ride her. I suppose you have retired Dick of his muzzle. We are [?] fine weather for the last few days. I suppose Hamilton is pretty [?] just now. Have you heard of any news from Chippawa since you saw Aunt Mary but I must close now with the hope of hearing from you soon not forgetting the pocket money.
With love to all
I remain
Your affectionate Son
Donald M. Forbes

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