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Date: August 4th 1862

August 4, 1862

My dear Mamma

I sit down in something of a hurry to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 9th which came safely to hand on Friday morning containing the money you sent me for which please accept my thanks I not having it in my power to make any better return at present my bill being due I lost no time in paying them which soon relieved me from the trouble of carrying any superfluous cash about with me. This is the first of August or rather Thursday was and the Niggers here had a grand Picnic and Ball. Where did they hold their celebration in Welland this year - in Chippawa or at the Falls. The summer is wearing on and in a couple of months I hope to be able to pay you a visit. I wish they were [?] for all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy they say and I feel dull enough for [?]. I am very sorry Jonny Aberdene's leg is worse poor fellow he must have a hard time of it. Where is David all this time do you ever hear about him. The weather' today is most awful hot it makes me perspire to stand in the shop so it must be a good deal worse out of doors though there is a good breeze blowing. Do they play cricket in Chippawa this summer or has the club burst up. Do the McGlusions sail much in their boat now. Does Dall Dill still work for them. Have they had any Picnics in Chippawa this summer. I suppose it is pretty dull but I must say Good bye for the present. Hoping to hear from you soon. I remain
Your affectionate Son
Donald M. Forbes.

P.S. Does the Distillery still keep agoing. We got a barrel of Fluid from Thomas yesterday. It is very scarce and dear but Coal Oil is worth almost nothing - 23 P a gal you can get plenty for here. D.M.F. with love to Papa and Rhoda

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