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Date: March 14th 1863

March 14, 1863

My dear Mamma

I wrote to Papa yesterday but as I was in a hurry I hardly knew what I put in it. I believe Mr. Caldwell wrote also. We had a few words two or three days ago about my being out after 9 o'clock in the evening and I suppose it was then he wrote to Papa being in a passion no doubt at the time which he has got over long ago. For yesterday when Papa's letter came for me to return home, he did not seem to care about my going so when I saw that, I thought that I had better stop especially when he almost proposed it himself so we made it up again and I intend to stop till Fall if nothing turns up before then. Of course I shall be prevented from entering into any plans for amusement or recreation which the young people here get up from time to time, but no matter. I am determined to make out the two years at all events, let what will come after. You often used to wish that I was with a hard Master. You have you wish. Mr. C. is noted all over the county of Oxford, but I would rather stay here as it is than return home and live on you. Mr. Kneeshaw the other Druggist here thinks of moving to Hamilton to [?] old Stand on King Street. If he does and has a situation vacant, he has promised it to me. He has been in business there before and is well acquainted. I also know of a chance on the other side in Yankee land, but for the present I shall stay where I am. I suppose the roads are in a sad state with snow and will be for some time to come. Today and yesterday were very wet and disagreeable here. How are things looking in Chippawa. I am dreadfully hard up for clothes, wearing the same Sunday and Saturday. My boots also are very holy. I hope next month Papa will be able to send me some money. If not I shall have to get is some how or another. I hope we will have Spring soon. You must be heartily tired of mud and wet by this time. I must now conclude it being 9 o'clock lacking 3 minutes. Hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain
Your affectionate son
Donald M. Forbes

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