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Date: September 3rd 1917
Harold Bruce

France Sept. 3/17

Dear Bee,

It seems as if I am getting worse at writing to you folks at home than ever I was but the days seem to slip by and no letters written. I had intended writing to you while I was at the Rest Camp but did not manage it. I sure had a nice time there but now my holidays are over, for some time at any rate. We are having fine weather again just now tho it was rather wet for a while.

I suppose you folks will be threshing by this time or getting ready for it anyway. I hope you get an out fit with a cook car for that will sure save you & mother a lot of hard work.

How are the youngsters getting along? I got their letters alright with the last of yours & mothers. Have been looking for those snapshots but suppose you have not got them yet.

So my candle is nearly out and I have no more so will close this now. Will try and send some more in the morning if I can get time, if not will write to you very soon. There is so little to tell you except to say that I am feeling fine, that it is hardly worth while writing letters. I am expecting a letter from Bob Wader any day now. It seems like old times to hear from him, as we used to be such good friends in the old days.

Another few days will be my birthday. I hope to have the next one back in Canada. Good bye just now with heaps of love to you all.

Your loving brother Bruce.

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Original Scans