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Date: September 19th 1917

“The Manor,”

(County of London)

War Hospital,





Dearest Mother of Mine:


Just a little birthday note for you


I wonder tonight as I wonder a thousand thousand times, what mother is doing. I wonder if perhaps this hard cruel year has made her a little older - if because of the worry - the anxiety of it all, there is a little more silver in her hair or perhaps new lines of care on her dear face. How cruel that the evening should be hastened, by so dark a shadow as the past year has brought


But time nor care can never change mother to her boy. Always for me you are so good, so loving so patient, and always ever in the Valley of the Shadow, I have seen your dear face


And mother must not worry, for God will bring her boy back to her 'ere another year has gone, and we will forget the darkness of the months that have gone in the happiness of that glad time


This is the birthday message that I would send you, far across the sea to my little prairie home




Your boy


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Original Scans