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Date: September 23rd 1917

“The Manor,”

(County of London)

War Hospital,







My Dear Dorothy, -


Sunday morning again. I have just come back from chaple [sic], and have time to write you a letter before dinner.


As I sit here writing, I can hear the chimes of the old Parish church down in the village, and they sound so beautiful. I always like to hear the chimes, and in this country all the churches have them


Yesterday I made my weekly trip up to London. I was up at 5.45 and caught the early train again for Waterloo.


When I step off the train in that great station early each Saturday morning I sometimes stop and say to myself  “In London” and call hardly realize that I am actually in the great old city. It all seems so strange.


I found breakfast ready at Oakington Road. Sausage & fried potatoes & toast & coffee. Golly I was hungry too, and certainly managed to wrap myself around several of those sausages and unlimited toast & coffee


After breakfast I got Eva [sic] bike and went for a ride. Where,? do you suppose. Why no less a place than Hyde Park. Oakington Road is about 30 min. walk from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. I went around by Frank's store, and called in to see Nellie & Mr. Adeane Then I went in to the Park through Victoria gate, and rode down along Rotten Row, past Hyde Park corner and the Marble Arch, and around to the Serpentine. Of course you know what Rotten Row is, and about noon on Saturday all the swells were out walking, riding and motoring. Lords and ladies of high degree - Dukes & Duchesses and red capped staff officers and Pte W. M. Pecover of Manitoba, in a blue hospital suit and riding a ladies bike. But we should worry! The blue suit is nothing to be ashamed of after all, even if it is an eyesore


I got back to Frank's about 1.30, just in time for dinner. Well If I was hungry for breakfast I wont say what I was at dinner time. I had quite a little appetite any way. My appetite is quite good over here most of time any way. - much better than it ever was at home, and I'm always hungry after I finish the fourth meal at 7 P. M.


We had roast beef & deep blackberry pie for dinner, and I'm not sure whether Frank or I stowed away the most. Janie says if all Canadians can eat as much as me, she doesn't want to claim any more of them as cousins.It doesn't pay.


After dinner we went out to the tennis club. I played in two sets of mixed doubles and won in both. We had tea at the club. I wasn't very hungry for tea, all but managed four pieces of cake, three of bread & butter and three cups of tea


I'm sorry this country is on rations. It would be great over here if it wasn't for that.


I'm afraid that you will think we are not rationing ourselves very much. But all the cake or any pastry we happen to get is made from brown flour & egg powder and the tea very seldom has sugar. Franks only have a roast once a week, and I come in for that on Saturday


I was very much interested in your letter telling about your visit to Arden – especi [sic] certain parts of it. Kind of news from the front, from a sympathetic neutral. Compre? The snaps too were very interesting. Whos [sic] camera were they taken with? Who has the negatives of those taken down by the river of the girls in bathing? So you think things look pretty favorable do you. What's trump do you think? Another rose bead necklace? or something in that line? I dont think I hold the winning hand any way


Frank had a letter from Aunt Nell last week with a pound enclosed for me. Good for Aunt Nell. I am leaving any extra money I can with Frank in case I get another leave. I believe I'll be able to work it for another 10 days


Lovingly - Markle.



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