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Date: October 31st 1917

No. 4 Can. Mil. Hospital

Basingstoke, Hants





H.M. Forces on Active Service


Patron Y.M.C.A. Nation Council

H.M. The King.


Patron Military Camp Dept.

H.R.H. Duke of Connaught.


My Dear Dorothy, -


I have just walked down town from the hospital - about 2 miles, and feeling a little tired I that [sic] that I would come in to the Y & write you a short letter.


It is market day in Basingstoke and the town is busier than I have seen it before. The Hampshire farmers are all in with their wares, and are lined up in the market place with their little cart loads of vegetables, etc, and the narrow winding streets are quite busy


I received 5 Canadian letters yesterday, one from father, one from you, two from Agnes & one from Aunt Nell. I am glad that you like your work in the bank so well. You would have a nice visit at home on Thanksgiving Day. McMurchys were down too, were they not? Mrs McMurchy was evidently offended with something I said in a letter. Hang her sense of propriety anyway. I dont know how she'll get along with the boys when they come home. I'm afraid that she will get a severe shock, and perhaps she wont have to look any further than her own brother for it either. Not that Mac has gone bad, for he hasn't. Both he & I have kept straight, but we've got some of the corners rubbed off, and I'm afraid when he gets back a few of the narrow ideas of Ardenites will chafe. Now don't misconstrue my meaning. We're coming home as straight as we went away, and with nothing of shame to look back upon. But a game like we have been playing broadens a man out more than twenty years on a pedestal in Arden will do


This is Hollow'een [sic] night. There is to be a party under the YMCA up at the hospital, for the boys. The announcement says an impromptu programme & games, with lots of apples & [?nuts].


I like the hospital up here very well. We have a beautiful new ward, with the best of beds. There is a big recreation room with lounges & easy chairs, a library & reading room, and a writing room. The meals are very fair too, altho' somewhat meagre. Porridge & bacon tea & bread & butter for breakfast; roast meat, potatoes, vegetable, pudding & bread for dinner; bread & butter tea & cold meat, jam or macaroni with cheese for supper; also bread & butter & cocoa at bedtime


Am still getting massage, but my arm is pretty slow in straightening out. The longer the better though.


Must close now for this afternoon..




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