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Date: December 10th 1917

No 4 Can. Mil. Hospt



Dec. 10 '17


My Dear Dorothy, -


Will just take time this morning to write you a short letter. Am still hanging it out in Basingstoke, but do not expect to be here much longer. I expect I will get a category board this week and be sent down to my reserve at Shorncliffe. I expect to get a category of BII or III, and will then have the option of going in to several different things. Cam says he will get me in to the A.S.C. either in Shorncliffe or London. I can get in to the offices of the army Pay Corps in London or I can stay on the staff here. I think however that I will go in to the A.S.C. & get a job in London offices. I wouldn't mind being in the old city for the duration and I can continue taking up Latin & French in the Canadian Soldiers College in London.


I am hoping to get another ten days sick leave when I leave here. Of course it is not really coming to me, but if they have no record of the ten day pass that I had in June, I am not the one to put them wise. If I do happen to be so lucky I have a notion to go over to Ireland for a few days. However I am not counting on it, altho' wouldn't be surprised if it came through.


I hope I get some Xmas mail from home before Dec. 25. but hardly expect to now. To get here before Xmas it has to leave Canada by Nov. I, and I am about the only one in the ward who has not received any After waiting over three weeks, all I received in the last Canadian mail was two short letters from mother, one from one & one from Miss Whitelaw.


Well it is nearly dinner time now so must close




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