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No. 4 Can. Mil. Hospt.

Ward C. 6.



Dear Dorothy

Your second letter from S. R. came yester-day with 10S enclosed. Thanks so much kiddy. I was not quite broke, but badly bent – very badly, for I only had 3 la’pence left. So you can imagine that 10 bob looked good.

What a lady of means you are now! and say Dorothy, enjoy that money while you can. Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, but have a good time – that is if Swan River affords such. What’s the use of banking it all, when you’ll only marry a wealthy young farmer in the end any way.

It was like leaving home to leave Epsom last week. I certainly spend a good seven weeks there, and the longer I stayed the better I liked it. And then to come to a rotten little hole like this. But such is life in the army.

This is the fourth letter I’ve written this morning addressed to a “Miss”. Miss Altman., Miss Jessie Peden & Miss Jean Roberts. Oh my Jean. “Some fluff” She is getting two months leave this week, to go down to her home in Wales, and is coming out to Basingstoke for a day en route.

This is a very nice hospital, but is two miles out in the country, and in not a particularly handsome part. B. is not much of a town – very dead.

I am glad you like your work in the bank. I always thought that bank work would be nice. What do you do? Do you have any bookkeeping or figure work

Dad seems to have developed “caritis” at last. I hope he gets it bad – so bad that a Ford at least swill result.

I am quite close to Reading, here, and hope to be able to get up there to hunt up some more Pecovers.

I’ve got a couple more letters to write this morning so will close yours.

CheerO kiddy

& lots of love


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