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Date: May 22nd 1915
Harold Irwin

May 22. 15
8 P.M.

My Dear Mother

I have been so rushed sense I came out here I could not find five minutes to myself untell tonight,

Will we arived all O.K. and been working night & day geting things in to shaip and tonight we are all fixt up O.K. We worked nearly every night untell about 10 PM fixing up camp, But we sure have been treeted nice up here every body tries to give us a good time, its only a small town put it is sure a beautiful place and I eat just like a bair I think I am geting fatter evey day, we did not go under tents, But the city gave us the new drill Hall and it is a lovely place, us three corporal have got a room of our own away from the rest of the boys, all the men sleep in the hall and we have a room in the front next to the Sergt. Major room, and we are cumferbul an nice in there, and on the train they took us in the Dinner in the morning and gave us a good feed & then at noon they took us all to the Hotel in Vernon & had dinner, & then had supper there again at six & sense then we have been eating up at the camp the meals are very good,

We have about 30 priseners working for us making the new camp, they work very good & say nothing, some are Germans & rest Austrian, the guards stand over them with guns loaded & ready to shut if they make a move,

I have got the best job of them all I drive the car for Capt. Russial, he is are Capt out here he has got a very nice car a 1914 McLaghlin one of the nices cars out here, we went for a joyride today away up the lake and we are going to Kelowna some day next week that is all have got to do is just  drive Capt Russial around; I will send you a picture of me in the car some of these days it is sure a nice car I wish you where out here I would give you some nice rides, the Capt is very nice to me, nicer to me than any of the rest of the boys.

Will mother I donet  no any more to say for this time But will be home to see you very soon, give my love to my little girl Emely tell her to write, also give my love to Hazel Gretta & Bell and all the rest, I wish you could come out here I am sure you would like it. Will I must close & go to bed; Capt. & I are going out some where tomorrow But I donet no where so will have to get up early. With all My Love & Kisses yours as every. Write soon


address Lce Corp Irwin
6th Field Camp
Can Engineers Vernon BC

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Original Scans

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