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Date: May 25th 1915
Harold Irwin

May 25th 15

My Dearest Mother

I rec your letters yesterday and was Very Pleaced to know every thing is O.K. Will you must not worry about me coming back if I can get a good job at all back there as it is very nice out here, & every body is nice & have got a good job. But never get one minute to myself, But all the same I am pretty lonesome some times to see you and the rest & I miss Emilyy very much too as I think I like her very much, she is a loving lettle girl and you cant help But like her I realy think I have begain to love her. so please see that she is a good girl for I wont her when I come back.

Will we have had rain nearly every day sense we came down here But when the sun shines it is sure beautiful around here, every is so green & pretty. & alway nice frish air, We are geting on fine with the work. I think there is some of the soldiers coming the last of this week

Will on sunday I was half way to Kelowna again & back & then we went to Lumby in the evening it is seventeen miles there & seventeen back so had a good long day of it. But it is a beautiful drive, and traveld in some places fourty miles an hour that is going some on country roads, But we have a good car, & Capt Russell likes going fast, & if I dont run fast he always says “I am going to slow.” But he seems to like my driving all right, yesterday we where driving around in the morning, But in the after-noon he never Phoned for me at all. But about 8 a’clock he Phoned and asked me to bring the car down to the Hotel where he stays, it had been raining all day and the roads where very bad, “you know what they are like in the country after a big rain,” Well I went down & got him and started out, But we had not got fare when the Car went on the bum so we had to go back and then we got the Doctors big Cadilac and started out again, he did not now the road nor did I, but we started any way, all he knew was he wanted to go to Scot Albns Place about 6 miles out of town, He wanted to go and see his lettle Wife as he could her (He sure had some load on too) But we got there any way, and when we got there the Girls had left for town so we had past them on the way, so after we had got lost & found our-self about a dozen times we got back to town again & got stuck in the mud a half a dozen times we met the Girls at the Hotel. so he goes in with them, I waited about a half an hour and then went home it was about twelve oclock when I got into bed, and we have never heard of him sense every bady has been looking for him all day But mums the word with me, I dont know any think when the ask me

I got the car fixt this morning and was out for a little well this evening with Mr Craig that is one of the other officers, so you see I dont have much time to my-self, Today has been very nice and I am geting new tires for the car tomorrow so will have to get up early and get them on befor he wants the Car. Every think is O.K. here, But would like to be home again & see you & the rest of the family. I am very lonesome to see Emily again give them all my love Hoping every thing is all O.K. there, Will Write again as soon as I get the chance, Write often.

I am your ever loving sun


With all my love
Huges & Kisses, & give Emily a big one for me.

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Original Scans

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