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Date: July 14th 1915
Harold Irwin

R,C,E, Shorncleffe, Kent, July 14th 15

Dearest Mother & all.

I rec your letter of the 27th today by luck, they came nearly sending it back as it was not addressed right, I will give you my address in this letter that will get me at any time so pleace tell (Pinkie) and any body that is going to wright to me, tell them to address it to this address, I guess the letters that Jack sent to me and also the mail that Greta send will be sent back, Will I am geting on fine, we where out on a route march all day, we went 15 miles today, it was a nice march through country & back we stoped at 12 oclock at noon for lunch right in front of Road House so we all had a beer with our lunch. We left at 9 A.M.  this morning and was back a 3 P.M. this afternoon, we had two hours off at noon to rest. I am feeling fine tonight but my lages are scolded a little, But I guess they will be All O.K. tomorrow morning. we had a good dinner tonight so we can not kick, it is raining like the D— tonight, so I am going to stay right in my tint tonight, so dont care much, Say have you rec any money yet? you will get $15 or $17 a month, But I donet think you will rec any untell the first of next month But I asind half of my money to you, so see that you get it any way, I am geting my picture taken next week so will send you one as soon as I get them, I have got a nice uniform now, and a mustash and its a dandy too.

Will England is a nice country But it cant beat Canada by a long shot, and as fare as prices are, Vancr is as good as any place to buy any thing, say you would laugh if you could only see the little Engines & trains here, one train is as large as one Car in Canada, every body has a door off on the train to himself, But they run very fast 60 mile an hour nearly all the time, we have all kind of fun with the money here, I had a pocket right full the other day, you would think. I had about a thousand dollars But I only had 4 shilling or one dollar in Canadian money, But the money was nearly all pennys, I can count this money fine now.

Will how is my little Girl in pink, she has all the English Girls over here in the shade,

Will I think this is all for this time. I think I will write to Grandpa & Grama Thicksen, and I will try & write to Hazel & Greta at the same time give my love to all, and also my lettle pink Lady, and tell her I think of her a great deal, But have not heard from her yet, I have wrote her three times, & no ans yet, tell her to write, my address is, or the shurest address is,

Sapper. L. Irwin #2339

Canadian Engineers

c/o Canadian War Contingent Ass

Westminster Palace Hotel

Victoria St

London England

this is the best address to find me at because no matter where I am it will trays me up

Will Mother dont worry about me as I will reatern soon all O.K. give love to all I will say good buy, with lots of love Hugs & Kisses I am as ever yours son & Brother

Lovingly Harold


Could not find stamps in your letter I guess you foregot them, But they would be no good any way. I have a fue Pennys in my Pocket all the time now, as I dont spend much so am all O.K, I foregot to tell you that the airplains and airships are as thick as hair on a dogs back around here, every time you look up you can see some, every thing is nice here, and we all are happy. I am going to London for a fue days next month Lovingly Harold

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