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Date: July 18th 1915
Harold Irwin

Shorncleff Kent England
July 18th 15

Dearest Mother & all

I rec a letter from you yesterday and glad to know every think is all O.K. But dont worry about me, I am all O.K. and having nice time, I go down town to some of the small store and give them some of the Canadian slan And they dont know what I am talking about & then I have a good laugh, I was at a show last night it was not to bad. I paid 6 D[?] to see it as much as you have to pay in Vancr, I had my picture taken in my new uniform yesterday & will send you one as soon as I get them just on post cards 3 shillings a doz as deer as Vancr again, We had an Inspection by Sam Haugs yesterday there was, 20,000 soldiers lined up in the field beside our camp. We where in the front and center, there was a dozens of moving picture men there, and if any come to Vancr, go and see them as you may be able to see me. I am in the marching man in front of one camera & in front & center of another.

20,000 men covers 100 acers of land it just looked like a moving field of green grass, I was at church this morning but the Minister did not then turn up so we where dismest it has been nice all day, But rained like the D – last night,

Will I am geting on fine working hard every day, But lots to eat, tell George if he dose not wont to work dont joine army, because it is pick & shovel all the time over there now, and we get our shair too, I have begain to like it now,

Will how is my Pink lady. I wish I had her here, for there is not a girl in all England half as good as her, tell her to write as I have wrote to her three times now and have not had a letter from her yet, and give her a kiss for me too, tell her I sent her mail to North Vancr P.O. tell Greta I will write her tomorrow night as I rec her letter today, About the farm, do what you think best Mother, the farm is as good a place as any, I will look for a letter from you tomorrow could not feel better & hope you the same. I am as ever your loving son & brother, Lovingley Harold. With Love Huges & Kisses, Sapper. L. Irwin #2339

Canadian Engineers

c/o Can War Contengent Ass

Westminster Palace Hotel

Victoria st

London England

Original Scans

Original Scans

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