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Date: September 14th 1915
Harold Irwin

Sep 14th 15
R, E, Barracks

Dearest Mother

I rec two letters from you Sunday last & also one with Murriels letter in, and I was very surprised to have letter from her, she did not say very much only she was not very happy that was all, Will she has made her bed so let her lie in it. although I will say that I love Murriel best in all the world, But I will never give into her But sense she is married I hope she will live happy, for I think she is only puting on a Bluff. so that you will write & tell me about it, and I think when she has a child to her husband she will be happy for it will take her mind off other things, But I would like to see her very much, for as long as I live I never will forget her or our loveship, Although we may never meet again, I wish her all kinds & good luck, and I am never going to get married untell I meet a Girl that I love as much as I do Murriel, & then I will Marry her, But I have never met one yet, But let luck come as it well, I may some day,

Will I am stell out at Sandling working on Ross Rifles, and will not be going to front untell we are all through, and that might be the end of war, But we never know. the work is easy & it is just like working for private [?] we only work eight hours a day, and then we are off untell eight next morning, I always get up at seven & get Brickfast & be to work at eight. I dont go down town very much now I only go down about once a week..

some of our boys left for front today, if I had been at Barracks I would have gone too I expect to go to London for the week End this week if I get anove money together I had a letter from Dad Saturday and when I opend it there was $10 in it so I guess I will be able to go to London this week end all O,K, I have not rec that Box you said you sent some time ago. I guess it must have been lost, if you ever send any more be sure you put it in good strong box as it has a long way to come. & a lot of Boxs get Brock on way.

Will I am glad Hazel is married, & I hope she will always be Happy & I think she will, I sent her & you a lettle gold badge last week I hope you rec them all O.K. tell Hazel & Bell I will write them tomorrow night, I have seen about the Asignment & sole suport again & I hope you will rec it soon now,

I am very sorry I could not send Hazel very much for her wedding. But I only get 10 shillings or $2.50 a week now. and that does not go fare, But when I come home I will get her something nice.

Tell Murriel to send one of her pictures to me, But it must be a small one as I can not carry a large one, no larger then a post card any way. I have got your picture & also Hazel & Gretas yet.,

Will I guess I must close, will write again sunday; I will also write Murriel & address to you & then you can foreword it to her.

Hoping you are feeling fine, I am feeling fine myself. With love Huges & Kisses

I will always remain your loving son


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