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Date: September 14th 1915
Harold Irwin

Sapper H. L. Irwin #2339
C. E. Regt. A, Coy.
Sep 14th 15

Dearest Sister

I rec your letter a fue days ago and always glad to hear from home, I guess it is funny to have Hazel married, Will I hope she will always be happy with George. when are you geting married? I am going to get married as soon as I come back, I dont know though to But I am going to get married any way, I always wonted to see a lettle of the world, and I think by the time I get back I will have seen all the world I wont too, so I am going to get married and settle down, I guess Murriel is not very happy, But I think it is all a Bluf, But she has made her bed so let her lie in it, maybe she will be Happy when she has a child

Well I am stell out at Ross Rifle works. there is no Rifles in this after–noon, But can not go away from camp for fear that there will be Rifles come, I am in tent now, so thought I would write you a fue lines, we Put out about 600 Rifles this morning. But there is all kinds of men here so do not have to work very hard. there was some new men came in this morning and I was teaching some of them the work.

I dont know when I am leaving for front dont think it will be for some time now, as we have to finish all the Rifles befor I can go and I dont know how many more rifles there is to do, We have never been paid for three week now. I would not know what money is if I seen it. I guess we will be paid today. I hope so any way, if I can make anove money up by Friday next I am going to London for the week end, I have got a very nice Lady friend there, I am going to stay with her mother & father, hope to have good time, Give my love to Bert & the rest. tell Bert not to join, for he will be sorry if he dose, for it is not all Honey after all, tell Hazel and Mother & Bell that I will write them tonight, say do you ever hear from Emily Ashworth now if so give her my address & tell her to write.

Dont ever worry about me staying in this country or marreing any of this girls, (Canada.) for me every time.. if any body tells you England is better then Canada (Shoot him.) I have not found one thing in England that can beat Canada as yet,

Will I guess this will be all for now give my love to all, (Get married as settle down.) I have travels & seen some of world now. & a person that dose that has more sense than any one else.

Dont foreget to write often & tell me all news & about all my old friends

Will love to you & all. I will always remain your loving Brother Harold

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