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Date: September 23rd 1915
Harold Irwin

Sapper H. L. Irwin
C.E. Regt. A Coy.
Sep 23 – 15
2 30 P.M.

Dearest Mother

I rec your letter last night am very glad every thing is all O.K. at home and am glad Hazel is stell happy,

I just rec a telegram from my lettle Girl in London, and I also rec a dear lettle signet ring with H,L,I, on, yesterrday from her, she is a real Dear Girl, we are engaged now, we are going to get married and come back to Canada together as soon as the war is over, she is the nicest Girl I have ever met, and a good true lettle girl too, a girl that you could trust any where, and she loves the very ground I walk on, and I guess I love her too. She is going to write you this week she is very enesent & good, and will make a real Wife, not like some of the Canadian Girls I have met,

Will Mother every thing is about the same here we are working at Rifles every day, we work one hour then loaf two. I am supposed to be working now, we have 63,000 more Rifles to do so I guess it will be spring befor we will be through and I hope war is over then, 

We have not got payed for # five weeks now, the pay Master is always drunk But expect to get payed this week if nothing happens, I have made a new asignment to you, so I dont know when they will start paying you from, I guess they will start paying from the first of Sep,. But you should get the seperation alowence from the first of July, I will try and fix it for you, you try too, But that is the trouble with being in army, you are not your own boss and you cant say nothing, and if you do they will fine you for all the money that you have got coming to you for the next year, they sure have got you by the nick when you are in army, as the saying is here, that they can do eny thing they wont with you when you are in army, and the only thing they cant do is put you in family way, But I think you will get your money Pretty soon now, I will try and see pay master Saturday if he is not drunk, But you get often seperation money. I cant do much with that with out you going after it good & strong, But I will do all I can there has been a mix up in my name & pay, But I think it is all O.K. now.

Will I guess all the boys that I came away with except the ones that I am with out here, have gone to front and I guess we will not be going at all, give my love to all at home, tell Greta I will drop her a card tonight, I had a card from Congden in Hospital yesterrday will drop him a card tonight

Please Drop a fue lines to my lettle Girl in London, she is afraid you will not like her, But I know you will, give my love to Mrs. Slaten & rest, did you send that letter to Muriel, or have you heard from her sense she went home, dont tell Laura Ellis any thing about my Girl here, or being engaged, things might be changed befor I come back, But I hope not, because I really do love Florrie better then any other Girl I have met yet and I know she would make a lovely lettle wife, she is a good lettle cook, and a neat lettle House Wife, and I know you will love her very much,

Will I guess I will Close now and go to work again, Hope you have moved by now, and every thing settled again

With all my Love Huge & Kisses I will alway remain your loving son, Write  often

Yours Lovingly



Say Mother I have only had three Provences as yet from Provence office, two about two weeks ago & one yesterday, never mind about sending Paper, just send me once in a wiel, old ones from House that is all I wont,

yours loving son


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Original Scans

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