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Date: October 6th 1915
Harold Irwin

Oct 6th 1915

Dearest Mother

I rec your letter yesterday and am glad to know every thing is all .O.K. I was up to London last week and was up to lettle Girls place and staid, had a lovely time, and I sure love her, I can not help it for she loves me so much, she thinks I am every thing in the world, she loves the very ground I walk on, she nearly broke her heart when I left her last sunday night she hung on to me untell the very last minute & then her dad had to take her away, she is a very Pretty & sweet lettle Girl. and as neet as a pin. & a real lettle house wife too, she had every thing fixt for me when I got there last Saturday night. she was walking flour when I arrived thought that I might not come, as I was very late as the train was late, I never seen a happier girl in all my life as she was when I came walking in and put my armes around her & kissed her, she did not see me coming and I surprised her by coming in back way. But she sure was a happy Girl that night, she is a good Girl and strait too, She dose not know what wrong means,

Say Mother will you see George and see what he can sell me a lettle dimond ring for, as I have promessed her one, I think they will be cheeper over there as they are very dear here please let me know in next letter, and if I can get anove money, will send to you for it & you can get it for me & send to me, I am going to try & save anove money each week to bring my lettle wife to Canada with me when I come, I dont know if I ever can save anove on 60 ¢ a day, But am going to try heard, for I am going to bring her back with me some how or other, she calles me her american boy, because I come from america so I let her beleave I am american,

Will Mother I am stell out at Sandling But expect to move to Ashford the end of this month for our shop is not very good here and we will have better quarters there we will live in Houses with privat familys, and the Government will pay our room & board. that is what they are doing there now they are living like Kings some of them, But I am not sure of going as yet But will let you know later,

It has been raining here for nearly a week now, the mud is nearly 3 inches deep all over, it is mary H--  But will be out of it in month any way. so will not mind it that long. But have lots & Blanckets & clothes so do not mind it at nights.

Every thing is about the same here other wise, we get the rifles strait from France now, just as they are picked of Battle field, some are all broke to pecces some all coverd with Blood, we fix them up & send back again, not bad work, & dont have to work heard.

Will I guess I will close, I have not heard from Laura, E. for over a month now I guess it is over 6 weeks now I mean, what is wrong with her.

give my love to all, dont send any thing mother, just find out about ring and let me know I fild out a seperation slep last week hope you get it, & also assynement, give my love to Greta & tell her I will write her sunday.

With all my love Huges & Kisses

I will always remain your

Loving Son Harold

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