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Date: October 30th 1915
Harold Irwin

Oct 30th 1915
West Sandling

My Dearest Mother

I did not hear from you this last mail, But as it is saturday and I have nothing to do I thought I would write you a fue lines, I wrote Greta this after noon, hope she got it all O. K.

Say Mother I dont quit under stand you about Laura Ellis over in Victoria being a lettle fast, do you think she is a bad girl or a lettle fast or what, or do you think she is a good girl, or what is she?

Will Mother I dont think I will marry any Girl now. I think I will stay single, if any I guess it will be Florrie if I can get anove money to take her to Canada with me, if not I guess I will marry no one. at all. Florrie & I had a lettle fight, But I think it is all over now. & we love one another as much as ever again,

we are going to get married & go to Canada together, I would like to have her for my wife all right, I dont think I could marry better, But where is the money coming from to take her to Canada, I dont say any thing to her about it for it would brack her heart, if she ever thought I was not going to take her with me, she warships the very ground I walk on, she loves me like no other Girl ever loved me, and I think we would be very happy together, I am going to try and save my money, But I am in dit now, first I will have to get out of that, if I ever do, then try and save anove to take her to Canada on 50 ¢ a day, some job what do you say.

I have not been down to Foldestone for over a month now, staying at home every night & trying to be good, I have been a lettle sick, But am some better now hope to be all O.K. Monday, Gee you should see the mud here, it is over our boat topes, it rains every day & our tents leak like the D –, when it rains all night in the morning we are like drawned rats, But am beganning to like it now, joined for a tough, and am going to prove it now, But will be glad to see the day when I arive back to Vancouver, ((with my lettle wife, (maybe) But let us hope so any way.)) some of the boys that is with us put last winter in Salesbarry Plains, and he said yesterday that this here camp has got Salesbarry Plains skined by a dozen ways for mud, he said this camp is worse then Salesbarry ever was, so you can guess what we have to put up with, But I think we will be moving this week sure.

I have not seen Mr Clive or any of them as yet they never came around to see me, so I guess they dont wont to see me I should worry, they know where they can find me if they wont to see me, I never go out, I never go out so that is why I dont go done to see them,

Will Mother the war is just about the same, I cant tell you any thing as must of our letters are opened now. and if I did they would only be burned. say Mother dont send any more papers & also tell Greta not to send any more, as I do not have time to read them, one paper a month is all I nead, send me one a month if you care to, dont send any thing for Xams, for I have no money & cant send you any thing. and it would hirt my feelings if you sent me something & I cant send any thing in reaturn, so let us foreget xams this year,

say I had a letter from Granma & Granpa today will write them tomorrow, they did not say much. I have never heard from Jack Hays as yet I thought you said he wrote me

Will I must close hoping you are all well, I am geting better

love to all, and hoping to be home soon. I will always remain your loving true son, with all my love,


I wish I was Home tonight, There is no Place like home & Mother. But tell Birt to eather join army or go to work like a man. would do.

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