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Date: November 28th 1915
Harold Irwin

Sapper H.L. Irwin
5 queen st

Nov 28th 15
sunday night

My Own Dear Mother

I rec your very Dear letter yesturday of the 4th, Will Mother I am very glad to know you are geting money, and hope it will help a lettle, I am stell at Ashford working in factory I am puting in all the Electric work, there is no Electric power in town so we are going to make our own Electric power with gas engine & Dinamo, I guess I will be puting that in too, Will it is Sunday again I have had a good rest all day, was out for a lettle walk this after noon but did not stay long as it is pretty cold here now we had six inches of snow last week and a lettle this week but it is all gone again now, But pretty cold yet.

Say Mother I told you not to send any parcel for Xmas. (for [?]). I cant send you very much this Xmas But will send a lettle rememberest next week, or this week I mean, I am going up to London next Saturday to fix up for wedding on the 26th, I wish you where here too, But you can remember me that day any way I will be a pretty happy boy then to know I have a lettle home to go to every night no matter how small it may be, and also a lettle girlie to have Dinner ready for me, and to look after me & care for me, a lettle girl that I can love and be happy with, a lettle girl that will be a real wife to me, not a foolish kid that thinks of dress & going to shows all the time, But a good pure lettle girl to look after my home for me, and make a home that a fellow will be proud of. we are geting married on the 26th at 1. P.M. that is if Dad sends me a lettle money or I do not go to front befor, But I hope Dad will send me the money any way as I have not got any myself, But am saving every cent I can get, we are going to have a very quiet wedding there will be no one there except her Mother & father & brother & her chum to be bridsmaid, I think $50 00 will pay for ring and all. that is all I asked Dad for any way, and then right after wedding we are going to have dinner which her mother is puting up, and then we will come right down here to our rooms, we will have two rooms, one for sleeping in the other our setting room & dining room & kitchen & all, she will do the cooking & have our own grub which will be a heaven from Bully beaf & bread, the goverment will alowe me 60 ¢ a day for to live at home so that will help some, pay for our rooms any way & gas & coal too, But I heard some thing yesturday that started me, that is after the new year we are only going to get $10 00 a month for pay $5.00 ever other week, so that will put a hump in my back,

Say Mother How much are they paying you,. you did not say, is it $20.00 a month separation alowance & $15.00 I asyned., that will make $35.00 a month suppose you sent me or Florrie my wife $15.00 a month from that could you get alone with the remainder, as it will be pretty hard to get along on $10.00 a month after Xmas, But I know she will make a dollar go as fare as must girls would $10.00, But I will leave that to you to see what you can do as I will not inturfear with your Asyment & Alowance which I have made to you, But I know you will like my Wiffie and admier my pick as a wife

I will enclose a peace of her letter to you that I rec this morning, She never had a fellow befor she went with me, and as an enesent of pure as an Angle, she takes every thing to heart as a lettle girl, All she thinks about is to stay at home & make a nice home, she is an Ideal lettle wife, and is neat and Clean as a pin, Say Mother what does Greta think of my wife, I think Greta & her will get on all O, K, my lettle wife is not a girl to quarrl; Yes Mother it will be a happy home coming when we all arive home again, I can fansy I see my self now riding up from the station in a motor car with you on one side & my wife on other, looking at good old Vancouver again, & hope it is near

Will Mother I am stell feeling a bet bum, But will be all O. K. by end of week, I am very comfortable now and am out of wet tents any way and eat pretty good, you ask me when I sit down, will I sit down from 5 PM oclock untell ten PM every night now, But on my feet all the rest of the day, But befor I came out here I was on my feet from 6 in morning untell 9 at night with out even having a seat near me at all, & then get so wet in day time that you could not get clothes off at night for being froze on you, and then have no sleep at nights, But every thing is much better now,

Will I guess I will Close now as there is no news Hope you are all well. I will send you my wifes picture, a good one, full face in next letter,

To H— with Clive, and to do just as you feel about tools, they are all his tools which I sent to him when he went to Seattle the first time, he did not have the [?] to get them out I guess.

With all my love Huges & Kisses I am as ever your loving true son and hoping to be Home soon, myself, bag baggar & wife & all, Hope you will have a room for us & some thing to eat any way. Lovingly Harold

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