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Date: December 15th 1915
Harold Irwin

Sapper H. L. Irwin
c/o Canadian Ordenance Corp.

Dec 10th 15

My Darling Mother

I rec your letter of the 18th yesturday, Will Mother I am stell working at factory. I am the Elictrian now We are puting in a gas engine & Dinamo to make our own Elictric light as there is no Elictric power in town, I expect engine will be here tomorrow or first of week. I have been working nearly all week puting in wires But have got them nearly all in now I was off a fue days with my sickness But have been much better these last fue days, I was very sick last Sunday Florence came down to see me & looked after me for the day, & went back again at night she is a darling & she thinks the world of me, we had a lovely time together last Sunday I was to sick to go out so had to stay in all day, But had lovely time any way, she looked after me & cared for me all day, I just love the very ground she walks on, she is a real Darling good pure girl, and I wish tomorrow was the 26th and I had the money in my pocket, I have not rec the mony from Dad as yet to get married on & have not got a cent myself, not one of us has been payed for over six weeks now I have not had a cent for five week, I bum all my stamps & tobbaco & cigaretts Florence sent me ten shillings last week to buy stamps to write her, But I will give it to her back as soon as I am payed; But all the more for my wedding if I do not spend it now, But I do hope Dad will send me some, for I am looking to geting married on the  26th so very much and it will hurt very much if any thing happenes or Dad does not send money, for it just seems that I am not at all happy if I have not got her right along side of me all the time, we sure are the happy lettle pair togethe, I sent you a Xmas card hope you rec them all O.K. I sent them all just a lettle Xmas card, I bot them out of the money Florence sent me for stamps to write to her with, The Darling lettle kid I bet it was her last penny too, her Dad payed her fair last Sunday when I was sick in bed., he said that I might nead her & sent her down. he is very nice to me too, & thinks the world of her.,

Say you should see lettle Bobbie Tayler my chum, he was fooling last Monday & fell on bainett & it ran in his arm an inch he had it soad. up three stitches in it, and he has been away from work ever sense, he tells every one he has been to front & got wounded, & it looks like it too, he will not be able to go to work untell after Xmas Poor Kid, The weather is just about the same here rains every day, & some days it is cold & some days better, I have not been away for six week now, not even away from my own bed for two months, geting pretty good, [?] what, But have good reason no money, I had a letter from Frank Thickson last week, I sent him a little xmas card and also Granma & Granpa Thickson, a little card each,

Will Mother there is no news, so will Close now, have not rec your parcels yet not from Bellingham or Seattle, hoping to be home soon, with best love from both Florence & I.

I am as ever your loving Son Harold


P. S.

These are a fue Photos we had taken in our shop & in front of tents I made snow man myself we had six inch of snow then,

Best regards to Bill


Original Scans

Original Scans

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