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Date: January 6th 1916
Harold Irwin

Jan. 6th 16

My Dearest Mother

I rec your letter [?] 12, last night, Will Mother you seem to have had all kinds of trouble of late, Whats Mrs Slaiter going to do, to live this winter & spring? and how much are you paying to rent in Manhatten. I think that place is a very dear place, I seen in some of Vancouver paper that rent was down to $5 00 a month now, is that what you are paying? Will Florence & I are very happy together, I never was so happy in all my life as I am now with my lettle wife, she is a real lettle angel. and the best lettle wife in the world, she does every thing in this world she can do, to make me happy & comfortable, she is a real Ideal wife, and I always will be happy with her, we have not got any money, But we are happy any way, all we have got in this world tonight is just 35¢ and we are stell happy, I am stell working at the Rifles, and feel fine, and get enough to eat, and a good bed to sleep in and a nice lettle warm wife to cuddle up to me, she is a real darling, and could not do with out her now, if I never have another cent as long as I live, But I think we will get along all O. K. if nothing happens; I am not going to front as long as I can keep away now, I am very happy & comfortable now, and I think Florence & I will save more money then I did myself, for you know what a spender I was, Will now I am going to leave it all to her, and I know she will save some if there is any to be saved, and I hope when we come back to Vancouver you will foregive us & let us come to see you, It was all my fault for geting married so soon. I do love her so much & could not wait untell the war was over, as it will not be over for two years yet, and we will be so very happy together all that time, for when we where apart I was so lonesome for her all the time, and after we where married I found her to be a real perfect enesent Ideal lettle girl, a mans Ideal of a real Girl, and I can never get tired of loving her,

Will Mother my lettle wife is setting beside me now doing some fancy work, a real lettle picture to see, we are sending you a photo of our wedding party, hope you like it, we well also send you one of ourselves later, if you want it. [?] I think you do, Say Mother about Murriel, you do just as you like, I think she is crazy, don’t you? and she married that fellow, why does she not stay with him? I wont have any thing to do with her at all, tell her I am married, and am very happy with my wife, and love her with all my heart, and Laura Ellis I wrote her some time ago & told her I was geting married, But she is all right, and I suppose she will be geting married to some of her fellows very soon now, and I wish her all kinds of luck,

Mother never mind about Florences ring we don’t want it now, and will get a good one when we return to Canada, Say Mother what ever made you send my mail to Mrs Wrights for. I said to write to c/o Can Ordnance Depot. But I got it all O. K. But have moved to # 4 Wolseley Rd. now, and am not at Mrs Wrighs any more, must close now & write Greta., Hoping you are all well, Florence & I are fine just now, she is wondering why you do not ans her last letter, we sent you some wedding cake last wed., Hope you got it all. O.K. and with best love from Son & Daughter, I am as ever your loving son Harold. & love from Florence

Original Scans

Original Scans

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