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Date: January 23rd 1916
Harold Irwin

Sapper H. L. Irwin #2339
c/o Can Ordnance

Jan 23- 16

Dearest Mother

I have not heard from you for three weeks now, I guess you have foregot me altogether now, will I don’t know what I have done for you to disown me altogether, I am sure my geting married should not make you disown me. for you done the same thing yourself once, and I am very happy with my little wife, I could not live without her now, and I wish I had got married the first day I met her, we are very comfortable in our new Billet, the Landlady is very good to us, so we are very happy, we have not got any money, But we live on our face for a time any way,. Florence is very good about it, and very patient about it, and trys to make things very happy for me, we have been married 4 weeks today, and I love her more every day, I am stell working in Ashford am engineer stell, I dont know when I will be leaving for France, I guess Florence won’t let me go now, and I don’t think I would leave her any way, and if I can get out of it, I wont go at all;

Say Please excuse writing as I have cooked my first finger and have no feeling in it, I got it caught in Engine & burnt all the end off, It has been a lovely day today Florence & I were out for a long walk, and it was just lovly out, I worked this morning, we work 6 ½ days a week, we work every sunday morning untell 12 noon, I like Ashford fine, might stay here rest of my life, if the war don’t end between now & then, I think the war will be over in about two or three years time lets hope so any way,

Will Mother I am feeling fine, and Florence also, Hoping you all the same, But dont know why you don’t write, one letter in three weeks is geting very bad, I had a letter from Jean Corless last week, I must ansewer it tonight, so will close now untell I hear from you again, Hoping you are all well and like your new home, with love from both Florence & I., I will alway remain

your loving son Harold


Original Scans

Original Scans

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