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Date: February 23rd 1916

4. Linden Road

23. 2. 16.

Dearest Mother,

I am so sorry to see from your letter that you seemed very hurt about something I said about not liking the cake which you sent. Why of caurse I didn’t mean you to take it that way at all. I will say again that I don’t like it as well as English ones. It is just the same with my Darling. He says he would much rather have that kind than what I call a real fine cake. But of caurse Harold eats anything English now that he is in the Army. But I guess when I go to Canada first I shall wish I had brought a good stock of English grub with me for I feel sure that there will be heaps of things I shan’t like until I get used to them. I thaught it was a lovely parcel & cost an awful lot to send & you just thought of everything.

You have all been so very good to me out there & I think that the ring which you sent was lovely. I always wear it & the other things too.

Well I don’t think there is any news to tell you as Harold has written everything, but I do hope that you are feeling better now. With best Love from

your affectionate daughter


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Original Scans

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