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Date: April 26th 1916
Harold Irwin

Pte H.L. Irwin #2339
Can Ordnance Corp.
c/o R.R.D.       Kent

April 26th 16

My Dearest Mother

I rec three letters from you this week also the P.O.O. all O.K. I have not got it cashed yet as the P.O. slip has not come through yet. But will try it again tomorrow, I guess you will wounder why I did not write last week well I will tell you why, I have been working very late & early in the morning of late, last night I worked untell 8 .P.M. and left for work this morning at 6,30 A.M, so have no time to myself at all now, I hardly have time to shave, so you will have to excuse me this time, and Florence has had her Mother & Sister down for a fue days, But they are going back again on Saturday Florence. her Mother & Sister are out for a walk now. so I am home all alone now, so Florence has not had much time eather,

Well Mother I am transfered to the Ordnance Corp now, so I am Pte H L. Irwin of the Ordnance Corp now, my transfer came through last week, and I have got a new uniform now, I am stell working at same job, and will be here untell the war ends (I guess) we are stell in Billets, and I think we will stay in Billets all the time now we get 60 ¢ a day for Billeting money & keep our selves, so we get on very good. that makes $1.70 a day to live on altogether, & Buy our own food & bed,. But we manage very good, we are stell at same house with our two lettle rooms, and are very comfortable & happy, Florence is very well, has had no sickness at all yet, and the lettle family is geting on fine, and I will be Dady next November if nothing happens in mean time, I am feeling very good of late, a lettle cold now & then that is all. We are having beautiful weather of late, warm like summer, so I guess spring has come at last, I had a holiday last Monday easter Monday But just went to pictures in after noon, But had to work night & day sense to make up for it, But we have a real nice officer. so dont mind, our old col. has gone back to Canada, he was to old for this job, But the new officer & I are the very best of friends so I have an easy time under him, I am stell running engine,

Well Mother tell Greta I will write her later on in the week, & will send a letter to Hazel tomorrow, I have not rec the parcle yet, But maybe it will come next week, I think this is all for this time as I have told you all the news now, and am looking for the time to go back to Canada again. give my love to all, & hope you are all well, as it leaves us just now,

And with best love to you from us both I am as ever your loving son


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Original Scans

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