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Date: May 5th 1916
Harold Irwin

Pte H.L. Irwin #2339
Can Ordnance Corp
c/o Armer shop Kent

May 5th 16

Darling Mother

I rec your very dear letter today & Glad to know you are all O.K. & also Murriels letters. she is a real Divel all right, I burnt them as soon as I read them, But I dont think I will ansewer it, But I stell like her a lettle although I Love my wife the best, because Florence would make a 1000 girls of her kind, Florence is a real wife & Murriel never will be any good, Florence is up in London now at home she is not well at all, so the Doc said she had better go to her home for a time, you see she is nearly four months now, and is just beginning to feel bad, Yes Mother she was sick just once after she was married, But I think its a boy any way; the Doc said he thought so, and as will I think I told you some time ago that I had a Blood dessies, Well Florence has taken it from me & the Doc said she would have to go to Hospital to be trieted for it, and I am very worried as I do not wont the child to have it. But dont tell Florence I told you any thing about it. so dont say any think in your letters about it, write on extra peace of paper any thing like that, But Florence is such a darling and she always keeps saying it is not my folt. & says it is as much her folt as mine, & takes every thing in the right way, never mind about any cloths Mother as her Aunt has gave her all her old baby cloths so we have got all we nead now, And all we nead now is just to save enough money for Doc & expences, & hope every thing will come out all O.K., Maybe I will get a fue Dollars from Dad to help me out., Say Mother I did not say any thing about going to live with Dad. all I said was that on our way back, that if I could I was going to call around to see him on my way out west. just for a viset, that was all. as I would like to see the old farm again, & old Friends. Well Mother I am very Lonesome. with out Florence, & could not live without her now, I am Lonesome & Blue all the time she is away from me. now. But I do hope she can get red of that nasty dissies, I have a big sore on my head that I can not get red of. I dont know where I got this dissies. But I cant get red of it, & I dont feel the same now, I dont worry about my self. But Poor little Florence. it has made her very bad., But she is the right kind of a wife & takes her share of the burdon, I came nearly having to go to France yesturday, But got out of it all O.K, so I guess I will not go now at all, as I am transferd to Ordnance now, we have had very worm weather of late. But it is raining tonight, yes Mother I have rec all the money you sent all O.K. although I had a hard time to cash the last money order, But got it all O.K. at last, it would be much easyer if you would send money insted, I can get Canadian money changed over here & get more then its value, I have not rec the last Parcle as yet, But maybe it will come later. Must close now & post this, With best Love. I am as ever your Loving Son


Hope to be home soon.

Hoping you are well.

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Original Scans

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