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Date: June 14th 1916
Harold Irwin

Pte H L. Irwin #2339
c/o No 8 Wharf House
North Wharf Road
Paddington W.
England. London.

June 14th 16

My Dearest Mother

I rec your Dear letter yesturday & glad to know you are all well. Well I am stell in Convalescent. Home. I guess I will get out about next Wed morning if every thing goes right. But after that I guess I should get about two weeks sick leave,. Am going to try any way, Florence was down to see me last sunday, she looks fine, good & fate too, although you can not notes her geting big yet, But she sure looks well. & her big Blue eyes shine like every thing, it makes me feel a great deal better to see her look so well. she came down Sunday noon at staied untell 6 30 P.M. & she is all pleased about the lettle family. so am I, But she sure cheared me up last sunday as she is so nice & chearie all the time, no matter what happens she makes the best of it,. she is the best little wife and all the world,

Well Mother I am feeling lotes better now. Will be all O.K. befor next winter any way. My [?] is very bad yet, that is all. But the weather is bum over here it rains all the time. But. we don’t go out side if it rains, They treat us very good here But none too good you can bet.

Well Mother there is no news I think the war will end about a year from this fall that is the best I can say and then Florence & I will come back if we can get enough money by then. if not it might be 4 or 5 years yet befor we get back, But will see How we make out. But I well not go back & leave her here, as I can’t do with out her now.

Say give Greta my best regards & hopes she is married by now, & Hope she loves her Husband as much as Florence does, I wish her all Kinds of Happienes,. Mother you should not worry & work so hard; take it more easyer & you will get along just as good. look at Florence & I all we have to live on now is the $15 a month you send us. I have not drawen any pay for nearly two months now, Poor lettle Florence she just lives & that is all, she pays $12 for room & board., & has $3 a month to cloths her self & pay all expenses. But she makes her self happy & trys to make me happy too, just don’t worry every thing will come out right in end.

Well Mother I must close now. Don’t worry about me going to France because I am not. not in this war, Hoping you are all well, tell Muriel for me, that I have beat her this time, she has been married longer then me, But I will be Father befor she is Mother (and tell her Florence is better looking than her too) With Love to all: I am as ever your Loving Son.  Harold

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Original Scans

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