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Date: August 6th 1916
Harold Irwin

Pte H.L. Irwin #2339
C. A I & R Dept
74 Tunnel Ave
London S. E

Aug 6th 16

My Dearest Mother

We rec your Dear letter two or three days ago also the money all O.K. we rec the two 25¢ shin Plasters. a few days ago & must write And thank Fred, Well Mother I am stell living in London & like it fine, I go and see Florence every night. & maybe after the baby is born I will go up there & live, But it is so far to come to work about one hours ride & tram car, nearly 10 miles, But I go up every evening to see her she sure looks fine & feels fine too, But of corse nice & fat & every time we take a walk I have to nearly carry her she gets so tired But she is a real lettle darling, & seems very happy & looking forword to having the lettle animal, every baby she passes She has got to have a look at it, she works on baby clothes nearly all the time, she goes out in sits in the park & works baby cloths, we are going out together this after noon, Well I am stell working hard evey day we have not got our shop all fixed up yet, But well have it fired by end of this week, I have changed Bellets now I am in a large house on Humber Rd #140 The other place I was in was all right But to many in a room, this is a swell Place just an old Lady & man & one boy 8 years old. & one maid, they are very rich & have a beautiful home here, I have a room all to myself & a bath & toilet right up side my door, it is only one house in every thousand here that has a bath room in it, only the rich people have baths, they are treating me very nice here & it is very nice to have a maid wait on me, there is another Canadian here with me But we have a room each, I have not been feeling very good of late, I feel rather bum, I have a very bad cold & also a bad cough, if I am not better by end of week I am going to see Doc,

The weather has been very warm here, to warm to live, But it is a little cooler to day looks a lettle like rain, & hope it does, But hope the war will be over soon so that I can get back to Canada again, But there will be another year of war yet, sorry to say.

Well Mother I have no news that will interest you, because we are so far apart But Hope to be home soon, that is if I can bring Florence with me. I am sending another little snap with the letter it was taken out in front of our old shop in Ashford the day we left there, that is the little car of Capt. Northners that I drive around for him, I am sitting at wheel, you can only see my hat & my nose, & that is some of the boys that work with me, they are a very good bunch,

Must say bye bye for now & write Greta, Hoping you are all feeling well Florence is fine, But I am not feeling any to good, Love to all. & with best Love I am as ever your Loving Son,


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Original Scans

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