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Date: September 10th 1916

Kenneth Co B Batt. 11th C M R
Sept 10th

Dear Mrs Irwin

Ever so many thanks for your nice long letter which I was delighted to receive, it was a letter from home, for sure. It was too bad I did not see you in Winnepeg. Well believe me I will waste no time in this country when the war is over, getting back to Vancouver, & then I guess you will be seeing too much of me. I have had no leave since we left Victoria, I put in for a pass this week end to go up to Woolwich & Greenwich to see your son, but was unable to go as I am on my musketry course, which lasts 2 weeks. so was very dissappointed. My letter to him through the Army Post office was returned yesterday. I am the Colonels [?] so it is very awkward to get away weekends & this will be my last chance for some time as in a weeks time I go back to the car. I am so glad the latter part of your trip was enjoyable & you saw Mr Soley, I do hope he will return to Vancouver again soon, he must return before I get back & then we can have a little reunion. (Kill the fatted Curly dog) with Bill’s kind permission. I am glad Bill has another job & hope he will keep it. You must have quite a nice suite now, & no doubt just as comfortable as the Manhattan. They had their nerve to raise rents these times. I will soon have to transfer into the Army Service Corps. So as to have a warm place to sleep in the winter so far I manage to keep warm as I have 4 army blankets & heavy underwere. I think everyone is heartly sick of this dirty war, & Germany must soon relize she will be beaten, & then hasten peace. I am going to hunt up Mr McKay’s brother this evening. I will be mighty glad to see him. I am afraid the English people round here love us as much as your daughter Hazel loves them. (& me too). They soak us every turn. I will tell you a little secret Mrs Irwin, but please mention it to no one. I have written several letters to Dorothy & she like a kind little girl has written to me, so I received a short note from her husband asking me if it was right of me to write to a married woman. So you see I am in wrong. I know you will smile. Poor me. Oh for the beer here it is bum. in fact I do not drink it, too bitter & heavy. Cascade for mine. Pies one place in this burg run by a Canadian where they are passable. Hot Cakes?-. No savvy. What a joke Charles must be now do you believe he is Scotch? Try & get a snap of him he must have Charley Chaplin beat a mile. Well I get quite homesick very often now I never realized what Vancouver was to me before now, so when I get back. (if I do not get into the real estate business in France) (a small lot six by four) I will buy a nice little vault in the cemetry as I will be sure to be there when it is wanted. I remember Mr Oliver at 11 45 The medical corps from B.C are in this Camp with us so if I had been over here before I would have seen him. We may meet yet. Well give my kind regards to every one. & again thanking you ever so much for your kind letter, hoping to hear from you again soon as I am always looking for a letter from home (Vancouver)

Your sincere friend


K. [

K. [?] 227652. B. C. 11th CMR.
Army Post Office

We have to have our letters adressed throgh the Army PO.

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Original Scans

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