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Date: September 22nd 1916
Harold Irwin

[remainder of letter missing]

Well Mother I really have no news at all, But I am sick of this D__ old war and want to get home very much things are going Bum in shop, I dont think I ever will be made Corporal now I have been playing up to much, I fight with all the Sargents & Sargent Majors, so I cant get home quick enough and get back to real work again I had a letter from Greta yesturday tell her I will write her as soon as I can, But she must not expect me home with the first bunch back, as I guess I will be the last to get back, I have not seen Bert yet, I guess he has forgot me I have not seen Mr. Cragg yet, I guess he has forget me too, There has been no one come to see me yet, I guess no one wants to see me any more, say Mother why dont you take a tripe over here to see us this winter I would Love to have you come, you can look after the baby for us I love Florence as much now as I ever did I could not do with out her now, I sure will be happy when we all get back to Canada together again I must write to Bogart some of these days when I Get time, give them all my best regards, tell Hazel I will write her when I can, & hope she is all right, Well I guess this is all for this time, Hoping you are all O.K. I wish I could see you, With love from us both, I am as ever your loving Son & Daughter

Harold & Florence

Original Scans

Original Scans

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