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Date: October 26th 1916
Harold Irwin

Thursday Oct 26th 16
Florences Home

4. P.M.

My Dearest Mother

just a fue lines to tell you what I can. Florence took sick last Sunday evening at 8 P.M. I took her to Hospital at 9 P.M. she went unconshous at 12. Sunday night & has not gained Conshounes yet, she had to be Operaited on Monday morning & have the child taken from her it only lived a fue minutes & then died, I never seen it. But nurses told me it was a lovely big baby boy, & would have been a beautiful child if it had lived, But I do not mind loosing the child as long as they can save Florence She is still very very low, But there is now a chance of her living, she is geting the very best of care, she is in a private ward with two spishel nuises, they are both the very best of nuises, she has the house Doc looking after her, and as will a spechelest the very best that can be got in London & he is giving her the very best care he can, he is very kind to me too, & has offerd to help me in money matters if I nead any But all monday after-noon untell last night there was no hope at all, But there has been an improvement and there is more hope all the time now she knew me last night, & tried to smile when she seen me, But too week to speek. today & noon she did not know me, But seems to be some bietter, & hope she will know me tonight when I go to see her, no one is alowed to see her except her Mother & I, But she is gaining conshisness all the time now, and all we can do is hope for the best, & if she does not take a realaps, the Doc said he thought she would pull through, I dont mind loosing baby as long as they can save her for with-out her my life is nothing. I have got leave from work untell she is safe on her way to recovery, I rec the $20 00 all OK. so am not in nead of money just now, I think I have enough money to cover expencess all O.K. I am well myself, only it has been a very hard strain on me, the lose of baby hurt very much, But now sense Florence is emproving I do not mind it so much, for if they save her for me, there is stell is lots of time for babys later on. I am staying at Florence home now. her mother has been very kind to me, and her mother has really held up better then me, all the trouble is not Florences falt. But mine, a disease in the Blood; & if she can only be saved for me to pay back the wrong I have done to her. if she does come through it will mean months of the very best care & pashents to bring her back to health again,

Well Mother I will write you again in a short time & let me know how thinks are geting on, Please excuse this letter, as I can not keep my mind of Florence long enough to write one line right. But I have a feeling now that I am sure she will pull through all O.K, they had to open her right down the center to take child as she could not give burth, the wound is healing up fine, Hoping you are all well at home am feeling very well myself. Will write you again next week, With very best Love

I am as ever your Loving Son


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