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Date: October 28th 1916

London, Saturday Oct. 28th- 1916

My Dear Mother:,

Just a few lines to tell you about Florence’s death. Harold took her to the hospital last Sunday night, and the doctors found that it would be necessary to operate on her and remove the child in order to save the Mother, so they operated on her monday morning and the doctors thought she was progressing favorably until Thursday when she took a very bad turn, some complication set in, I can’t remember the name, as the doctor gave it some scientific name, however Harold was with her ever since the operation and was with her at the end, She was unconscious for some hours before she passed away, so she passed off peacefully.

Poor Harold is all broken up over it, and I’m awfully glad that I arrived just at the right time. I left Bramshott at 8 Oclock Thursday night and didn’t get here till 10 P.M., too late to look Harold up, so I started out to look for him Friday morning, not knowing at that time that anything was wrong. It was on in the afternoon when I found him as he had moved from Humber Rd. and was staying with Florences people, I met him just as he was going into the house and was shocked to see him with a black band on his arm. I am going to stay with him until after the funeral if I can possibly manage it, in any case I’ll stay till tomorrow and if I can’t stay longer will try and get back to the funeral. My transfer just came through on Thursday and I’m on my way to Shorncliffe to report to my new battalion, it certainly was a kind Providence that sent me here just at this time, as Mrs. Jones says Harold has been much better since I came. Harold is very thin but is well, He has leave for another week, the officers and men up at the Works have been very good to him, and six of his comrades from there are going to be bearers at the funeral. Harold was afraid that sending a cablegram to you would be too much of a shock but I thought you’d never forgive either of us if we didn’t let you know immediately, so I know you’ll forgive me if I have done wrong. Harold wrote you yesterday before I found him, but poor boy, I guess he doesn’t remember what he wrote.

Well dear mother, I’m not going to write any more just now. Will write you again in a day or so. Harold is with me now, and don’t worry about him he is in good hands, he seems to be a favorite both out at the Works and amongst his private acquaintances, Florences people are very good to him. I’ll probably be writing Greta this afternoon or tonight.

Love to all from
Your affectionate Son

P.S. I forgot to say that the funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon, the 31st.

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Original Scans

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