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Date: November 21st 1916
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel Ave.
Greenwich S.E.

Nov 21st. 16.

Dearest Mother

I rec your Dear letter today also one from Greta & one from Geo, and I knew you would all take it bad about Florence & Baby, But we must all try & foreget, although it is hard; for Florence was the best Girl in all the world, I could not meet another as good as her in all the rest of my life, for Mother she was good in every way, and as clever as She was good, and when I now think of it. She was an angle. on earth. and she had to leave us she was my Ideal in every way. I Loved her as I can never love another. for I loved her Dearer then my own life, & we where just as much Sweethearts the day she died as the day we where Married But I am trying to foreget. although the Sweet memorys will never leave my mind I am just going on the way I did befor I ever met her, so I get along very good, I was up to see Stokey She is in Wedding Party (She was Florence chum befor she died) last week, had a very nice time, I am going to take her to show on thursday evening next, I am going out with Mary Campbell (Mrs Horner) on Wedensday evening, was out with Bert last evening am Writing this evening, Have about ten letters to Write, so have this week feld in very good so have not much time to worry over my troubles, I think that is the best way to foreget dont you? I had a letter from Dad yesterday, He seems very badly broke up about it too, Bert is up here in London now having another corse. Will be up here three weeks I think, He is coming down to see me tonight, But he has got to be in Barracks at 12 oclock at nights, I guess I will be out again with him on Friday evening, He has a very bad cold, can hardly speek or hear, we where to Pictures together last evening, & then had supper, I am stell at same old job, & feeling very well,  I guess I will be here now untell the war is over just the same as I have transfered so can not get away, if I was you Mother I would not come over as England is geting worse every day a person can hardly live here at all now just Dont worry I will soon be Home,

Well Mother I will save you some thing of Florences & Babys too tell me what you would like, I will save all the baby clothes you sent over, I have a beautiful large panting done of Florence now, it is geting framed. Will bring it back to Canada when I come, Florences Mother is well I was up there for tea last Saturday, Say Mother never mind about sending any more money over, you keep it, it will help you some any way, or you can save it or what ever you like, for if you send it over I will only spend it, and I realy dont nead it.

Will Mother I must close I write a fue more letters as I have about six to write tonight and as well Bert will be here in a fue minutes now, and I know he will want me to go out with him, Hoping you are all Well. and dont worry, and just remember Florence as the dearest & Sweetest girl in all the world. With all my love as always I am as ever your loving son


I am sending Cards to Hazel & Greta Will Write them later

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