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Date: December 4th 1916
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel Ave
Greenwich .S.E.

Dec 4th 16

My Darling Mother.

I rec you two letters all O.K. last week one with $15 00 in and thanks very much. But I told you not to send any more, so sense it is here now I will spend it of corse, But after this Keep the money for yourself; Gee I have a very bad cold can Hardly speek. other wise I feel very good I am not sick any more now Mother I am all curred of the other disease,

No Mother I cant come home, only in case of Death, over there, so you must not expect me home now untell the war is over, But just rest in pease. I am all O.K. over here, I am going with a real nice little girl now, you have her Photo, the one in our Wedding group, Florences chum Stokey, She is a real nice lettle girl. I see her two or three times a week & always go there to her Home on sunday evening for tea, Her Mother is a real nice old Lady & treats me fine, so have a nice Friend to take up my time any way, I have been asked to there home for Xmas, But expect I will stay at Florences Mothers place, as her step father has gone away now to west Indias, so there will be no one home expect Mrs Jones & three children & myself, I have a beautiful panting done of Florence it is a beautiful thing 24 x 31, will bring it back to Canada when I come, I was up to Cemetery yesturday & put some Flowers & Florences grave, The grave has just been fild in.

I have rec a letter from Laura Ellis, Jean Corless, Freds Wife, Frank Thicksen, Chloe Scott, letters from, evey bady, But I realy dont think much of Freds wife by the way she Writes, But I guess I should not juge by letters, they all sent there deapest sympathy, But realy I dont want sympathy, I want to be cheered up insted, But I am doing every they I can to foreget. I am just making myself beleave I have never met Florence yet, I am doing my best to foreget,

Say Mother I have all of babys cloths packed away at the House will bring them back when I come, also a Great many remembrances of Florence, I am bring some of Florence nice cloths & all her lettle trinkets. & china. & jwelly, I will bing back lots of Florences things But have got them all packet, so will leave them, all at Florence home untell I am going back. Mrs Jones does not know I see Stokey, she would not like it if she knew, so dont say any thing, she thinks I should not look at another girl now for a year, But I think that is foolish as it would make it much harder for me, and it is hard enough as it is, No Mother it was no falt of the Dr at all, it was realy all my falt. it was the poisen in her blood that she got from me, & she could not give birth, and the operation was to much for her, But maybe she is better off where she is, she has no more troubles now and I guess it was all for the best, Lottie is very Well that is Florences Sister I will send you one of her Photos in this letter,

I sent you a lettle present last week, Hope you rec it all O.K. I was going to put a Photo of Florence & I in it, But did not have any. so left you to do that, & also put a chain on, get any Photo of Florence & I that you like best & put in it. copy them off some of the Photos I sent you,

Will Mother I guess this is all for now. I am sending Hazel & Greta something later on, I have sent Bill something I guess he will get it the same time as you get this, a ring made from German Shells. I am stell at same old job. I guess I will be here untell the end of war, Hoping you are all O.K. & Hope you all have a nice Xmas, I will think of you all that day.

With Love I am as ever your loving Son


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